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Woman and whiskey

Woman and whiskey, what a strange combination. Or not. Yesica Flores, William Grant & Sons whiskey specialist, gives us a history lesson.
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It is a woman, María Hebraea, the alchemist who describes how to build a still to distill alcohol in the fourth century. Then, the Middle Ages, dark in many ways, forced to hide the production of alcoholic beverages. The few women who have still produced distillates sold them in local markets. They put on a tall hat - which would later become the mythical hat that identified the witches - in order to get attention and be more easily located by those who seek "liquid joy."

In the fourteenth and fifteenth century, alcohol was the basis of medicinal remedies and women returned to distillation disguised as apothecaries. The aqua vitae - the water of life - became very popular in the 16th century. But, the persecution didn't give up. Juana de Navarra, second wife of Henry IV of England, was charged and convicted of attempted murder against Enrique V. The evidence? A bottle of aqua vitae not prescribed by an official doctor.

In 1811, Helen Cumming became the first woman at the head of a whiskey distillery. She created Cardhu, what we know today as Johnnie Walker. When he died, it was his daughter-in-law Elizabeth who took the reins of the distillery.

Shortly after, in the summer of 1886, William Grant, with the help of his nine children - two women and seven men - built a distillery by hand; stone by stone he called it Glenfiddich, which means Deer Valley in Gaelic. Hence the symbol of their bottles. His granddaughter, Janet Sheed Roberts was one of the first women in Scotland to become a lawyer. In 1969 she opened the Glenfiddich Visitor Center, the first distillery open to visitors and her contribution was vital to the international success of this single malt brand.

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We talked about the oldest woman in Scotland. She turned 110 years old. In 2012, 11 very special bottles were released to honor her, one for every decade of her life. Elixirs of 55 years with aromas of orange and violet flowers, roasted almonds, creamy vanilla with a light smoked and deep oak notes. They were auctioned worldwide, in favor of charities raising more than 400,000 pounds. A single bottle of Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve was sold in New York for a price of $ 94,000.

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From Japan With Love

1.5 oz Glenfiddich 12 years old

0.75 oz Sake

1 Dash Lima Bitter

0.5 oz lavender syrup

Lemon Twist

Mineral Top

Garnitura - Edible flowers

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