An Impressive Auction of Chanel's Jewellery

Auction house Sotheby's runs a special auction that features a variety of precious Chanel pieces.
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In Sotheby's online auction, you can buy a wealth of Chanel boutique beauties, from famous tweed jackets, shoes, and quilted 2.55 handbags to accessories such as camellia rings, crosses, and logos. This time, we invite you to take a look at the jewellery that has attracted lots of attention. For a while now, vintage Chanel brooches, especially those with a double CC logo and pearls, have been in high demand.


The prices quoted for the jewellery are not set, and offers may differ.

Bracelet, massive hanging earrings (15 cm long), and a pair of clip-on earrings. The accessories are made of textured gold-coloured metal and cast-coloured glass (France).

Price of the set - 600 Eur.

Two crystal-embellished black plastic wristbands (magnet fastened), same crystal pattern brooch, and earrings with Chanel logo with double CC letter. Custom-made jewellery.

Price of the set - 1500 Eur.

Massive triple-chain necklace with a black leather strap, narrower metal bracelet with a red leather strap, and hanging ring chain necklace with Chanel logo.

Price of the set - 700 Eur.

Massive Roman coin style necklace with pendants embossed with fashion house Chanel symbols: camellia ring, four-leaf clover, Coco Chanel portrait, turtle, double CC logo.

Necklace price - 500 Eur.

Two massive wristbands. One bracelet is drawn in black velvet, decorated with imitation gems and a Chanel-style chain motif, and the other is plastic, adorned with the name of a fashion house.

Bracelet set price 1500 Eur.

Chanel necklace inspired by the Byzantine era (1990-1991), made of imitation pearls, precious stones, and cast glass. The length of the necklace is about 330 mm.

Price - 500 Eur.

Three pairs of clasp hanging earrings with Chanel logos. All three pairs are encrusted with crystals; two adorned with artificial pearls.

Price of the set - 700 Eur.

Snake-shaped bracelet and necklace inlaid with crystals and embellished with Chanel logos. Jewellery ensemble made in Italy.

Price of the set - 500 Eur.

Fashion Chanel letters embellished with metal chain motif bracelet and belt.

Price of the set - 800 Eur.

Jewellery Ensemble Coco on the Moon (Chanel). The ensemble consists of an exquisitely designed necklace, pendant, earrings, and brooch. The main element of the jewellery is the figurine of Coco Chanel, an imitation gem on an artificial pearl (like on the moon).

Price of the set - 1000 Eur.

Cross-shaped and circular brooches and two pairs of hanging earrings. The jewellery is made of gold metal, artificial pearls, and cast glass elements.

Price of the set - 700 Eur.

Three pairs of hanging earrings made of gold metal and embellished with a double CC logo.

Price of the set - 700 Eur.

Black plastic wrist bracelets adorned with crystal-encrusted camellia rings and camellia ring-shaped clasp earrings.

Price of the set - 900 Eur.

The Chanel logos are decorated with a long necklace and a wide bracelet. The jewellery is made of gold-coloured metal and cast glass beads (France).

Price of the set - 600 Eur.

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