Cartier Introduces Luxurious Jewelry inspired by Contrast Coins

The Merger of Different Materials and the Union of Contrasts - The Cartier House of Jewelry has created a new collection of high-quality jewelry that combines precious stones and ornamental minerals.

Founded in 1847, Cartier, one of the most famous jewelry houses, is based on the history of its home-style and time-consuming stylistics and is willing to take creative experiments and apply modern creative techniques. The new collection of high jewelry not only has an impressive appearance, but also special production techniques. This time, Cartier combined precious and ornamented hard stones, made with jewelry to fit the body, and lightweight design to make it easy to wear.

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Photo of Jewelery Cartier

In this collection, you will see diamonds, rutile quartz, sleek royal blue opal, sapphires, and crystals. The contrasting appearance of these stones and minerals gives the jewelry a distinctive and luxurious look.

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