Chanel Jewellery Inspired by Russian Ballet

Patrice Leguéreau, head of the jewellery department of the Maison, reveals the most exciting adornments of the season.
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A Baroque Breath

The Parisian elite of the roaring twenties awaits the arrival of Russian ballet. Gabrielle Chanel also is one of them, fantasising about the wildlands of the Urals and thinking of creations with a touch of baroque. She also develops an emotional bond with the aristocracy in exile - she employs Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna who spontaneously offered her services as an embroiderer. Some links are more vibrant than others: a dazzling passion unites her with Grand Duke Dimitri Pavlovitch.


Unpublished Motifs

Director of the jewellery creation studio for the past ten years, Patrice Leguéreau decided that it was time to explore the Russian influences that enriched the designs of Gabrielle Chanel. These influences were manifested in the 1920s by the introduction of tunics, pelisses, and large blouses in the style of traditional roubachkas, the shirts of moujiks. In this fine jewellery collection, consisting of 63 unique pieces, the two-headed eagle and other sumptuous motifs of the Russian decorative arts are seen. These new motifs shine in the center of sumptuary necklaces and more.


Excellent Execution

Presented at the Grand Palais, the Russian Paris of Chanel collection aroused a unanimous enthusiasm, justified by the excellent execution, quality of the stones selected, and elegance and vividness of the designs. The Maison, whose jewellery workshop has been located at 18 Place Vendôme since 2012, expresses itself with striking chromatic scales and finesse of details, fully showcasing the splendor of the world of jewellery.

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