Gucci Enters the World of High Jewellery

The Italian brand enters the world of high jewellery in full force with a collection designed by Alessandro Michele and the opening of a boutique on Place Vendôme.
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The Challenge

For its first incarnation in the subdued, coded, and competitive world of fine jewellery, Gucci highlights its primary asset, the artistic director Alessandro Michele. A collector of gems himself, Michele has chosen coloured stones that adorn this collection of 200 pieces - most of them unique.


The Style

True to his temperament, Alessandro Michele has designed voluptuous pieces for the collection called Hortus Deliciarum, combining Rococo and Baroque with communicative jubilation. The Latin crosses with leonine motifs, the imposing rings with blazon, and the tiaras are distinguished by their ornamental abundance. In the collection, we also see a lot of tigers, snakes, newts, and, of course, bees. The flora also hasn't been forgotten: flowers and leaves thrive on diamond mounts and hidden engravings.


The Mind

The overall look, proudly maximalist, is supported by stones chosen for the liveliness of their hues. Besides, the stones have been selected in reference to the lunar calendar: multi-coloured sapphires, yellow beryl, Paraíba tourmalines, mandarin garnets, aquamarines, rubellites, spinels, topazes, and opals. The colour palette includes honey, lavender, mandarin, neon pink, blue, yellow, and purple.

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