How To Wear A Medallion?

This jewel with an obsolete image is now considered as a talisman which reflects the current craze for superstition.

For centuries, the medallion has even been the most obvious way to ward off bad luck. Synonymous with protection, the medallion is an everyday jewel, an extension of oneself, a lucky charm that should never be removed. Great jewelers and confidential designers also reinterpret it. Sacred or profane symbols, the medallion also often refers to the stars as to establish a connection between man and the universe. Dior's Rose des Vents collection is nothing but a nod to Christian Dior's passion for astrology.

How to wear it in 2021?
With chains of different lengths, with your most beautiful white shirt, or even over a swimsuit. Our selection of medallions see below.

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Hand of Fatima Symbols medallion, yellow gold – Cartier
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Peridot medallion, Les Merveilleuses collection in gold set with a stone from Bahrain - Tiny OM at Neyleen Fine Jewelery
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Pink gold Harmony set of links medallion set with diamonds - Chaumet chez Mystère
1622456666731639 capture d cran 2021 05 25 2.43.51 pm
Colombe medallion in yellow gold - JEM Paris at Neyleen Fine Jewelery
1622456666958573 capture d cran 2021 05 25 2.53.00 pm
Yellow and white gold Céleste medallion, diamond, onyx and mother-of-pearl – Dior
1622456667213211 lucky move color image 3
Lucky medallion in pink gold, mother-of-pearl and diamonds - Messika at Mystère
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Yellow gold Double Stars medallion - Caterina B at Neyleen Fine Jewelery
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24 carat yellow gold Pi medallion - Dinh Van at Tamengo
1622456667922820 capture d cran 2021 05 25 11.05.01 am
Necklace with pink gold chain and 18 K rose gold medallion set with onyx and pavé diamond elements – Bvlgari
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Abalone Shell necklace in pink gold, mother-of-pearl and diamond - L'Atelier Nawbar at Neyleen Fine Jewelery
1622456668424580 img 5683
Nostalgia Star medallion in pink gold and diamonds - Mimia Leblanc on order at Kallista

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