Inspired by the Divine Comedy

Jewelry inspired by the poem and philosopher Dante Alighieri's poem Divine Comedy
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Created in 2014, the jewelry brand was inspired by the motifs of the “Divine Comedy” by the Italian poet and philosopher Dante Alighieri. The writer's spirit floating in the air is also felt in the cozy studio of the designer, full of amazing accessories created by her own, Italian sculptures and fragile glassware. "I'm sorry for the mess," Rosh, who opened the studio in Holborne, says modestly. Looking at unique jewelry reminiscent of ancient relics, it’s hard to believe the girl hasn’t studied design art. Rosh studied French and Italian philology at Oxford University, and after graduating and not wanting to close the last page of Dante’s comedy, exhaustingly working at night, she began to create modern relics that have gained recognition from fashion critics and lovers.


Rosh makes no secret of the joy of a letter from the British Fashion Council received at the end of last year - the designer was nominated in the category of a rising female designer at the upcoming prestigious British Fashion Awards. "I did not expect this assessment. I am very pleased to see that jewelry is valued in the same way as collections of clothing created for women. Jewelry is a fundamental part of the fashion industry, attracting huge investments, but is often left in the background.”

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Alighieri jewelry, brand photo.

Before we talk about the brand she created, I ask, what is the story of the creator’s own life in London? Rosh was born in the country’s multicultural capital, but when she was only two months old, she went to live with her parents in Zambia. "It simply came to our notice then. I lived in Africa until I was eight, and then I went back to London. I won’t hide, it wasn’t easy. From an international school in Zambia, I attended a Catholic girls ’school in London. I remember how cold it was and we had to play outside during each break. I thought it was inhumane (laughs). It took me a while to feel part of the city, but when I was a teenager I fell in love with London,” the designer reveals, adding that she thinks the city is extremely hospitable to the developers.


"It seems that everything is possible here and creativity is celebrated. I don’t think any other city in the world is so open. Let’s say you start building your brand in Paris, you have to come from a certain circle of the public and get to know certain people. In New York, too. This wonderful balance of creativity and collaboration flows in London - the creators are passionate about implementing their ideas and supporting and inspiring each other. There is also a healthy sense of competition,” Rosh smiles.

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Alighieri jewelry, brand photo.

"I started following your brand at the end of 2015, when I moved to London. It has always seemed to me that one of the reasons for his success is that the story Alighieri tells is personal. You shared “Love Letters from Rosh” with your creative fans, telling about your travels, discoveries, and revealing the other, unadorned, side of the fashion industry. Is it easy for you to open up to your audience?” I asked.


"It simply came to our notice then. I don’t think I have any other way. I have always been very open in my personal life. I am an emotion-driven person and I find it hard to hide them. If I’m sad - I'm sad, and if I’m happy - I’m literally jumping out of happiness (smiling). It wasn’t easy because the English, and especially those living in London, aren’t used to it. I remember when I wrote and shared my first letter, I started to hesitate that maybe it was too personal and embarrassing, but I got people to respond. Opening up to others isn’t hard for me, but it still seems weird that strangers know how I feel. I think it unites us all and this connection has made Alighieri the brand it is today. If you ask me, here lies the beauty of human connection.”

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Alighieri jewelry, brand photo.

The connection was also honored at the brand's debut presentation, "Where's the House?" during the London Fashion Week at the stunning Fitzrovia Chapel in the city center. “It simply came to our notice then. I wanted to create a spiritual, peaceful and cozy environment in this rushed world. I wanted people to stop for at least fifteen minutes. I think we managed to do that. At the same time, tell the story of the brand and thank the people who have supported us for the past five years. I’m already thinking about the show’s concept for next season. And I'm looking forward to it," the designer reveals.


Having introduced amazing jewelry collections for women and men, as well as a jewelry-flavored shoe collection called Talismanic Shoe Collection, what else is the designer ready to surprise fans of the brand? "Maybe with clothes inlaid with the jewelry you create?" I ask. Rosh smiles and nods in agreement, “That’s exactly what I want to create over the next few years - to deliver the perfect combinations that will be passed down from generation to generation, like Chanel jackets or handbags. Such stories are shared by my friends from France, who have in their closets hanging Chanel's relics belonging to their grandmothers."


But it's just the tip of the iceberg in Rosh's plans, with a home collection created in collaboration with global luxury retailer Matchesfashion. “We will soon be unveiling several shared collections that I am very proud of and will start working with expensive jewelry. Watch this space,” the designer smiles.

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Alighieri shoes, brand photo.

What helps relax Rosh in developing her own successful business?“ In preparation for this interview, I read that one of your biggest passions is travel and that every January, before your birthday, you get ready to travel alone. Where do you plan to go this year?” I ask. Rosh's face is adorned with a wide smile: “Yes, for at least three days I break away from the world around me and travel alone, taking my camera. But this year I’m no longer lonely and I’m considering not knowing if I want to travel alone (laughs). Whatever I decide, travel inspires me. During one of them, when I was traveling to Venice before I started building Alighieri, I found a lion medallion that inspired me. I’m a natural introvert, so I need time for myself, which is very hard to do when starting my own business. I love exploring new places with my camera in my hands. I like to take the opportunity to see something new and at the same time immerse myself unconditionally in the environment around me. Traveling for one has learned to be and enjoy the present. I am very happy to travel to Georgia because I would like to get to know Eastern Europe better. I went to Peru a few years ago - I was fascinated by the culture of this country, so I look forward to returning to South America. The works of my latest collection were inspired by nature and its constantly changing fragments - for this reason I would like to go to the land of forests and lakes in Canada. The Texas desert fascinates me with the fact that there is nothing there, in latitudes."


What is the girl whose life has been so radically changed by inspiration from literary works reading now? "I read The Waste Land by writer TS Eliot, which was very inspired by Dante's own work. I think the next Alighieri collection will be inspired by this poem.”

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Alighieri jewelry, brand photo.
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Alighieri jewelry, brand photo.

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