Joaillerie by Comme Des Garçons and Mikimoto

Comme des Garçons creates with Mikimoto a collection that is an exercise in creativity to bring out the beauty of pearls. As Rei Kawakubo reveals
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Rei Kawakubo is certainly not famous for her loquacity, but this time the founder of Comme des Garçons made an exception, because the announcement of the biennial collaboration with Mikimoto marks a turning point. The brand, for the first time in its history, will launch a high jewelery collection and will do so with a partner who is also Japanese and famous all over the world for his pearls.

«I liked the idea of putting together a traditional company like Mikimoto, with its 150 years of history (the founder, Mikimoto Kōkichi, is the one who invented the cultivation of pearl oysters, ed) and a reality like ours, always ready to break the rules: it's the best way to get to something new," - adds the designer. In Paris a preview of the first seven models of the project were unveiled, made of silver and Mikimoto White South Sea or Akoya pearls, on sale at the same time in the Comme des Garçons stores, in the Dover Street Market spaces and in the Mikimoto boutiques in Ginza-Tokyo. «I wanted to avoid the idea of partnership based on the mere addition of a logo, in this case it was an authentic exercise of creativity, where we held back a bit, in terms of design, to let the beauty of the pearls emerge in self. Moreover, the imagery of pearls overlaps in some way with that of Comme des Garçons». The individual jewels, with prices ranging from 2,800 to 39,000 euros, have been designed with a gender fluid approach. «Pearls are often synonymous with women's jewelry, but recently I realized how well they are on men too. In terms of value, they are like diamonds».

"If I think of pearls, a myriad of stories emerge in my mind" Rei Kawakubo

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