Tiffany True- the new Tiffany & Co engagement ring

Contemporary design, size unpublished stone, "Tiffany True" gives a new creative impetus to the cult collection of rings of Tiffany & Co.
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It is very rare that a profound social movement is not accompanied by major artistic innovations or simply by new creations, which in a way materialize the evolutions in progress. If the cult of "machinery" has favored the rise of art deco, the decline in the second half of the twentieth century, the marriage of reason in favor of the marriage of love has largely allowed the famous loner - be like the ultimate engagement ring. This might not have been the case. The pearl could have done the trick after all. Only here, two events jointly favored the triumph of the diamond on the map of the tender.

The first is quite tasty: in 1947, Frances Gerety, editor specializing in advertising, planks on a series of delicate orders. She goes to bed when she realizes that she still has an order to honor: a slogan for the large mining group De Beers. Exhausted, she said to herself: "My God, give me an idea." On this vow, she goes to sleep. In the middle of the night, she wakes up and quickly scribbles a sentence that has just crossed her mind. A few hours later, she presents her idea at a meeting. According to her, "no one has jumped for joy" and yet the idea has not only made its way, but has also ensured the glory and supremacy of diamond dealers in the world of jewelery for decades to come. This slogan was: "A diamond is eternal" ("A diamond is forever"). Nothing has been invented since then. The second event is a technical innovation: crimping. In 1886, while fashion was still in heavy decorations and imposing engravings that gagged the brilliance of the stones, Charles Lewis Tiffany imagined a ring on which the diamond was simply elevated by means of six claws in platinum. Few metal, bare stone, as floating, to better spread its fire. The deepest ideas are often the simplest. The American jeweler has just invented the absolute icon of the century to come. An icon so universal that we almost forgot where it came from.

This year, Tiffany & Co. reaffirms its supremacy in this field by unveiling "Tiffany True". This new engagement ring, pleasantly matched with an unprecedented diamond cut, is distinguished by the delicacy of its minimal design and the strength of its signature. A sober "T" stands out discreetly on the side of the jewel, the polishing galvanizes the luster of the central stone while four delicate claws seem to merge into the diamond. At a time when everything is going so fast, it is good and tender to be intoxicated by the flavor of eternity.

Photography by Julien Roux

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