The Colours of the Ocean by Breguet

Breguet has turned the fascinating beauty of the oceans into a gorgeous watch, Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia.
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To speak of Breguet is to speak of the history of fine watchmaking: since 1775, Abraham-Louis Breguet has been an indispensable watchmaker for the scientific, military, financial, and diplomatic elites of all times. His career was marked by constant innovation: the creation of perpétuelle automatic watches, the introduction of gongs for repeater watches, and the first anti-crash protection for the steering wheel hub pivots. In 1801, his creative mind also came up with the idea of turbillon, which is  now used by many brands around the world.


Many remarkable people have worn the brand's pieces, starting with Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, for example. It is indisputable that his watches dominated the courts of Europe. He even anticipated the wristwatch by creating one for Caroline Murat, the Queen of Naples, in 1810. Therefore, owning a Breguet today is having the history of time on your wrist.


Since some of his creations were forged in 1795, Breguet introduced a secret signature. This signature, placed on the dial, is almost invisible, unless it is illuminated with a low light. Even today, this signature adorns most Breguet dials and remains a proof of authenticity.


With the new Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia, Breguet offers a beautiful interpretation of the fascinating beauty of the seas.


At the bottom of the Mediterranean harbor hides a natural treasure: the oceanic poseidonia, an aquatic plant essential for the balance of the sea. Breguet has interpreted its arabesques for Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia, through the art of mother-of-pearl marquetry and invisible setting.


To further highlight the diamond and mother-of-pearl version of Tahiti, they propose three other versions with the mother-of-pearl marquetry: a blue set with sapphires, a red set with rubies and sapphires, and a green set with emeralds. The dominant tonality of each version - red, green or blue - gives the Poseidonia curves a unique aesthetic.


Each of the 85 gemstones in the pattern is selected for its colour and then cut to fit the invisible placement. After a month of work, the result reveals unique sparkles and nuances in each Marine Haute Joaillerie. On the bezel, the setting is made up of different colours, present on the dial and on the setting of the bracelet's buckle. The metalisation of the buckle cap also adopts the dominant color, as well as the iridescent hue of the leather strap.


Sapphire Version

Combination of blue sapphires, amethysts, colored sapphires, tsavorites and diamonds.

Rubies version

Combination of rubies, colored sapphires and diamonds.

Emerald version

Combination of emeralds, tsavorites, colored sapphires and diamonds.



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