The Revival of the Baignoire De Cartier Watch

Timeless and elegant, the Baignoire is considered a master watchmaker and is now evolving to become a master piece of Cartier.
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Discover the beauty of the Baignoire de Cartier collection. This iconic watch from the house had its humble beginnings in 1912 when Louis Cartier extended the traditional form of the watch. The result is the form of a bathtub, whose aesthetic is defined by two parallel straight lines closed by two curves. This design evolved in the 1950s, culminating in the slightly curved oval shape with a dial embossed with Roman or Arabic numerals, flanked by gilded gadroons.

The Baignoire has been reinvented by Cartier's design team with a narrower bracelet, and Roman numerals have been redesigned on a matte silver sandblasted dial, creating a unique style.

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On the White Gold version, the diamond setting extends along the width of the gadroons at the back.

Another iconic model for the watchmaking range of Cartier, the Baignoire Elongée, has been developed for the first time in the Cartier London workshops. An oversized ladies watch that graciously dresses the wrist and gives the gold edges that make this splendid model a little more superb.

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