Tiffany & Co. brings a new identity to its narration with Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Featuring the storied Tiffany Diamond and a never-seen-before Jean-Michel Basquiat’s painting.
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Tiffany & Co.’s growing list of international luminaries welcomes Beyoncé and Jay-Z, joining the likes of Blackpink’s Rosé, Anya Taylor Joy, Tracee Ellis Ross and Eileen Gu.

After Beyoncé revealed the partnership in a cover story with Harper’s Bazaar, where she donned a full denim look from the latest adidas x IVY PARK Rodeo collection with the maison’s earrings and pendant, Tiffany & Co. releases a series of stills from its upcoming yearlong campaign starring the Carters.

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Following closely behind the Not Your Mother’s Tiffany and Knot Your Typical City campaigns, the Carters' About Love campaign tunes up the maison’s heritage by bringing together icons that evolve and transcend generations. For the first time ever, Tiffany & Co. features the Yellow Diamond in its advertising campaign, worn by Beyoncé with a black gown and an updo hairstyle that reminisce the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s look.

Threading through the campaign is a never-seen-before Jean-Michel Basquiat’s painting which the jeweller acquired from a private collector. “As you can see, there is zero Tiffany blue in the campaign other than the painting, it’s a way to modernise Tiffany blue.” shares LVMH's Alexandre Arnault on the new storytelling of Tiffany in an interview with WWD.


About Love film campaign by director Emmanuel Adjei, featuring a musical performance of “Moon River” presented by Beyoncé and captured by Jay-Z on a Super 8 camera will launch on on 15 September 2021.

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