Wild at Heart by Adler

The world-renowned luxury jewellery brand Adler once again reveals its design and craftsmanship skills with a new collection “Wild at Heart”

Adler, one of the world's most established luxury jewelry brands, has made its high design power and quality sense felt since its inception. The brand adds a brand new tie necklace to its glamorous jewellery, wrapped in diamonds with 274 carat rubies, reminiscent of vivid pomegranate grains in a strong red tone, as strong as this time.

The design of Adler's dizzying necklace, which moves freely towards the heart, is almost eye-catching. From the bottom motifs, diamonds and briolets multiply among dark red strings. The 17.53-carat diamonds on the collar are draped with rubies like ivy. Adler jewels, a fusion of traditions and new tendencies, whose time is too unknown, go beyond the concepts of time and space. The 133-year mastery blended with old traditions continues to enrich with new approaches.

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