A day in the life of the supermodel Victoria Triay

A typical day in the life of the Brazilian-born, Miami-based supermodel Victoria Triay.
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The Model affirms  that because of her strict workout routine and balanced diet  she is always prepared for a photoshoot. Some of Triay’s favorite exercises includes Muay Thai , boxing, jump roping, and weight lifting. She thinks profusely sweating is the sign of a good workout.

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Victoria started practicing Thailand kickboxing, “Muay Thai” at the age of 13, she became a  black/blue level at the age of 17.

When Triay hits the gym, she rotates between several different techniques. She said that 80% of her training program consists of boxing, but she also loves to jump rope, lift weights, and take workout classes, like Barry's Bootcamp. Because she workout on a daily basis, Victoria has high standards for feeling accomplished.

In order to feel productive, the supermodel needs to really sweat. "I like to get in the gym, workout, and [feel that] my T-shirt is wet when I finish," she said. "That’s when I know I had a good workout."

Boxing and kick boxing is an excellent way to sculpt your dream body, release tension, switch off from the outside world, and build muscle fast.

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More than just a sport, Victoria Triay has found a hobby adapted to her fiery personality. “Boxing is therapeutic for me, for both mind and body. I’ve been doing it for 17 years so it’s definitely my go-to workout. I have boxing coaches in both Miami and Dominican Republic depending on which country I am in.”

“When people ask me how to loose weight or look like me, I will often tell them the same thing: that you simply shouldn't compare yourself to anyone specially if this person has worked out their entire  life.

Different bodies will respond differently to certain workouts and thus different workouts will impact each person's body differently. 

Just because [a program] works for one person doesn't mean it's going to work for you," she said.

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If you don't hit the gym with the same frequency or intensity as Triay , don't worry about it. After all, it's not realistic or healthy to compare yourself to a professional Muay Thai fighter. It’s all about doing your best and not giving up.

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Photo: Daria Gladkova

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