A Wellness Cruise Trip

Virgin Voyage's new cruise ship, which will be launched in 2020, will make it easy for you to stay healthy on holiday.

One of the most effective ways of cleansing the mind and body is to spend some time away in a health centre to relax. Of course, it is essential to develop and sustain healthy habits in your daily life, too, but sometimes all we need is a little help from the hands of a professional. Virgin Voyage approaches the situation from a slightly different angle, combining wellness with a superior holiday on a brand new cruise ship.


The ship has a well-equipped gym that keeps its options broad, ranging from cycling lessons to HIIT exercises. A section called The Athletic Club includes a basketball court, boxing classes, and a juice bar to restore energy after workouts. The Virgin Voyage, which will travel from Miami to the Caribbean, has a spa and well-being pool that offers both holiday and purification in one.


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