Architectural Tree Houses For Ultimate Peace

These handsome tree houses are a real retreat nestled in the Belgian Ardennes. Silence, peace and nature are guaranteed.
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Slô was born thanks to two young entrepreneurs, Tim Goes and Toon Haverals. Six idyllic Slô tree houses and a glass conservatory are situated in the middle of the forest, where you can grow vegetables and herbs, enjoy a cup of tea or simply enjoy the peace of the green oasis.

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The interior of the tree houses is all about minimalistic design and comfort. A combination of wood and glass with clean lines makes the light and the shadows change throughout the day. The purpose of the design is to get rid of all the extras and distractions, only keeping the essentials - therefore, you may call it the architectural version of the tree house that you used to play in yourself.

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The Slô cabins are spread over an 11-hectare forest between the Ourthe and the Lesse valley, on the edge of the picturesque village of Humain in Luxembourg. Just 1 hour's drive from Brussels, the busy (city) life is replaced with peacefulness in its purest form.

Location: Humain, Luxembourg
Prices: from € 150 / night


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