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In parallel with Parcours Des Mondes, Saint Laurent Rive Droite in Paris and Galerie Lucas Ratton present an exhibition of African art pieces curated by Anthony Vaccarello.

Among a wide selection of pieces we can find a rare SENUFO hornbill bird, from Ivory Coast (called Sejen or Fijen, the Bird or Kasingele) – a mythical animal from the Senufo cosmogony and the primordial mytho­logical ancestor. It was the first African object bought by Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent from Charles Ratton, Lucas Ratton’s great uncle.

Also available in the store a magnificent terracotta statuette NOK from Mali; an ASHANTI tabouret piece, or a JUKUN Nigerian shoulders mask. Ritual objects used during ceremonies in order to protect and rule the societies, such as BEMBE, KORANKO, IGBO, IZI IGBO, DAN, BAMBARA or FANG masks are available for sale.

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New vintage furniture pieces are available at Saint Laurent Rive Droite store, such as the sculpture from the Galerie Laffanour and several high-end pieces from the Chastel Maréchal gallery, signed by Joaquim Tenreiro and Zanine Caldas Namoreida. They are showcased along with Pierre Jeanneret pony-Sofa and the caned Office chair provided by Patrick Séguin Gallery.

Also available in store, a crystal cup from the Nancy collection by Baccarat, a coffee set made of Limoges porcelain by J.L Coquet, and other unique home pieces such as the set of two stackable trays by Willy Rizzo and a brass spinning top engraved with the Saint Laurent signature.

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