How to Create a Harmonious Home

In 2020 we aim for harmony in our homes – a sanctuary where you should feel good and relax. Organise, optimise and fill your home with peaceful colours. We kick off the new year with natural materials and a palette of warm neutrals for a serene style. Evalotta Sundling and Elin Kickén of Swedish styling duo Sundling Kickén are masters of this look and styled our latest campaign.
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Some key H&M HOME items to help the process

Our new foldable chair in FSC-certified wood and rattan can be hung on the wall and is perfect for compact spaces. Choose black for a sophisticated and timeless look or go for brown for a more rustic and natural feel. Launches early spring 2020!

Our ceramic bowls and stoneware mugs look great on the shelves in an open-storage kitchen or to store small things in. With a reflective glaze, each piece is unique. Tactility is important to bring a sense of reflection to a home and to make it more personal.

Our seagrass laundry bag, rattan storage baskets and brass herb pot provide a good mix of storage options. Don’t forget to play with different textures and materials, natural materials bring a connection to the outside and are particularly important this season.

Here is their advice on how to create a harmonious home:  


When all your things have their own place everyday life becomes easier, so take a good look at your storage.  


Mixing different types of baskets and boxes looks great. But aim for simplicity and go for just two or three kinds for a tidy look.

Colour coordinate your open storage for a serene and tidy feel and hide unsightly things in nice baskets that either blend in or provide an accent.

Place larger baskets at the bottom and smaller ones higher up to create balance in your wardrobe or on a shelf. Place dark objects at the bottom and pale ones higher up as the eye interprets dark items to be heavy.

Don’t forget spaces like the kitchen where boxes make cupboards more organised and cooking more fun.

Peg boards are a clever detail that can be used for anything from jewellery to storage baskets or to hang clothes on.  

Also make sure to organise what you store. One tip is to roll up your bedlinen and store it in baskets to make it look tidy and easy to find.

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Make the most of the space you have.


Make sure to look at unused space, like that under your bed.

Make sure your furniture is functional. A bench in the hallway doesn’t only look great it can also provide good storage by placing nice-looking baskets under.

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Now, with the foundation done and the home well organised, let’s look at colours!


Pick a theme of three to five colours to create a balanced and harmonious platform to start from. Wood can actually count as a colour, and wood always adds great warmth and a rustic result.

A top tip is to paint your storage or shelves the same colours as the wall. This creates a calm impression and offers you more freedom to vary smaller storage items and details.

Brown is a typical 2020 colour! This season H&M HOME’s blankets, cushion covers and rugs, towels and bedlinen come in various shades of beige. These earthy tones work well together and are perfect to create a unified look. This season we really aim for a relaxed and casual style so don’t be afraid to go bohemian with details such as raw endings, fringes and tassels.


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