Del Prado: from Madrid to Santiago

Spanish art inspired by different periods of time can now be seen in an outstanding exhibition.
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From the Future to the Past, the exhibition that takes place at Lo Matta Cultural, is part of the commemoration of the bicentennial of the Museo del Prado, where 24 Spanish artists reflect on the influence of the art gallery on contemporary art. As part of the exhibition, 50 works inspired by indispensable creations and authors are presented, such as Diego Velásquez's Las Meninas or Rubens' Three Graces.

Some of the participating artists are: Andreu Alfaro, Eduardo Arroyo, Isabel Baquedano, Miquel Barceló, Carmen Calvo. Each with a different style and technique, the artists contribute their vision to offer a special tour through the history of art.

This exhibition is the result of initiatives of contemporary artists, carried out in the Museo del Prado in 1991 and 2007. In them, creators of different generations, styles and techniques meet the works of those who are their predecessors, but also their equals.

Exhibition is open until September 1st at the Lo Matta Cultural Center, Kennedy Avenue 9350, Vitacura, Santiago de Chile . Free admission.

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