DJ and Photographer Myles Hendrik Has LA on the Brain

Read as he reflects on his first photography exhibit, and the city he loves.
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“Los Angeles: so loud, shiny and seemingly unapologetic, is a city that more often than not, people only ever see at face value. They miss the sheer cultural weight, the wonderful diversity that weaves the beauty of this place… But I see it,” mused photographer Myles Hendrik, whose first solo exhibit, Dreams of L.A. is wrapping up.

“To me, it’s a place where the dream is always alive, always moving, and where the waves, the skies, and canyons wind forever with romance and hope all the colors of Disneyland. A million poems screaming to be written.”

Though he has been shooting for decades, Hendrik is perhaps best known for his career as a renowned DJ, especially in the fashion world, having created runway music for the likes of Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as working major after parties across the global fashion city circuit.

Naturally, his work in A-list crowds has put him in close proximity to the stars  often sought after for photographs. But Hendrik insists that his subjects intrigue him for their visual value, not for their social clout — this is what dictates his choice of subject matter.

“I’m not about shooting famous people that I have no connection, no friendship with. There are professionals for that kind of work,” he quips.

“The DJ career, if anything, has just opened doors that have allowed me the opportunity to meet like-minded creative spirits. It’s given me access to capture the real moments. And for me, it’s about getting the honesty, that window to the invisible story. That’s what I’m interested in.”

Of course, there are snaps of his friends (Who you might recognize), including model Emily Ratajkowski, or singer Alison Mosshart. But for the most part Dreams of L.A. is a loving tribute the city and all its quirks — shots of palm trees against a blue sky, In-and-Out burgers, and cult figure Angelyne’s pink Corvette are almost so emblematic of their location that they are easily recognizable, even to those who have never been there.

Hendrik first became interested in photography as a teenager when his father gave him his first camera (an Olympus point and shoot), and he quickly fell in love.

“I think he was trying to distract me from my bashing away on my drum kit all night and day which wasn’t a big hit with the neighbors,” he joked. “It definitely helps satiate all the adventures, the wanderings of my annoyingly inquisitive mind. I’d take photos of everyone and everything. I’ve always been a very visual person, always looking for the lines beyond the surface, the invisible prairies.”

With Dreams, Hendrik was finally able to showcase his passion for photography in an entirely new way. “Up until six months ago my photos had only ever lived on my Instagram page. I’d never actually printed anything," he said, explaining that the entire process of the show was an exciting experience.

"In a lot of ways, it was akin to hearing a finished recorded version of a song you wrote in your bedroom finally played on the radio. You finally hear all the notes, all the emotions.”

View more of Dreams of L.A, below.

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