Douglas Kirkland’s Legendary Photos Will Go to Auction

Images of diva Marilyn Monroe and other photographs taken by Douglas Kirkland will be sold at an auction.
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Two of the most famous and notorious photographs of Marilyn Monroe were taken by legendary photographer Douglas Kirkland, and soon they will be auctioned. In addition to the precious images, the camera that recorded the moment will also be on sale.

The event will be held by a famous auction house, and the offers even include a photoshoot with Kirkland himself.

The photos are from Monroe's limited-edition archive, titled MARILYN (Overhead) and MARILYN (Hugging Pillow). The images are part of Kirkland’s White Sheet series taken in November 1961. Both photos feature the platinum-haired star rolling on the bed with nothing but a silk sheet.

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The photos were taken less than a year before Monroe's tragic death and brought notoriety to Kirkland, who was only 27 at the time. Throughout his career, Kirkland has worked with stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Diana Ross, Andy Warhol, and Princess Diana.

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DOUGLAS KIRKLAND (Photo: Disclosure)

"We're excited to give buyers a chance to own a part of that magical moment in Hollywood when Marilyn owned the cinema," said Becky MacGuire, one of the auctioneers. "No one had a better relationship with the tragic star than the young photojournalist Douglas Kirkland, who became the photographer of choice for stars and major film producers until the 21st century."

The 1959 Hasselblad 500C camera that was used to film the actress will also be available in the auction.


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Ready to bid?

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