Gucci Brings Home Fragrance to the Bohemian with New Incense

Available in five different scents, this luxe take on a boho staple is guaranteed to please.
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Luxury candles feel a dime a dozen, with even boutique fragrance brands like Jo Malone and Diptyque having counters in every department store across the country. But Gucci’s cashing in on the fragrance game in a fresh way with their latest addition to Gucci Décor, incense sticks. Each stick, hand-crafted from bamboo and made in Italy, is available in a bright shade of fuchsia and five different scents.

The scents, available online, are Herbosum, Fumus, Freesia, Esotericum, and Inventum: tapping into both the florals that evade Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s aesthetic. They also accompany select ceramic candles in the website’s e-store, as well as four chic porcelain incense holders: trays set with either a bee or a stag beetle, available in both black and green. The holders double as chic décor pieces, with or without the incense stick burning inside it

Gucci Décor’s latest releases for the holidays also include wallpapers, folding screens, and a jacquard vanity seat, bringing the brand’s both exotic and antique aesthetic to the living room.

Gucci incense, $70 for 25 sticks, is now available at Gucci.

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