7 tips to increase home office productivity

Much is said about working at home, but how do you really make it work? Know more!
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How can we adapt to a routine so abruptly changed? How to be truly productive? Although it seems very simple, bordering on tranquility, it can be a little more complicated for some people.

Productivity and creativity in normal times already has its ups and downs, but during quarantine they can be even worse. But with a few simple steps you can be able to adapt more smoothly. With that in mind, we invited Fabio Yukio, creative director and founder of the Resort Wear Yukio brand to share 7 tips that will help bring out our creative and productive side.

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1. Quiet places

For Fábio, the first step is to keep a quiet place, preferably with the door closed, which may seem obvious, but he says that staying isolated and silent was one of the biggest difficulties he faced in the home office.

''It seems kind of obvious, but right from the start my first difficulty was that people understood that just because I was at home I could be constantly called, sometimes, even with good intentions. For example, when you are offered something to eat, someone comes to tell you only 5 minutes what happened to your aunt or since you are at home it does not cost anything to take a walk with the dog. If you can't stay away from these and other small "slips", the home office that should be an advantage will turn into a nightmare as your productivity will drop dramatically."

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2. Create playlists

Put a playlist according to the mood of your work. Fábio explains that if you need to create a collection that has the 70s as a theme, he assembles a soundtrack that he imagines as part of the collection.

This sounds silly, but it helps a lot! Suddenly, when you're doing your work immersed on that trail, a lot of ideas start to spring up.

But if you don't need anything that is themed, any playlist is worth it, just imagine your moods of the day and what feeling you want to pass. The songs need to have the same emotion as your project.

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3. Get dressed

Getting out of bed and getting ready, even if you're staying at home is a great way to start the day and train your brain. ''This attitude, unconsciously, will put you in the mood of the office. It may seem silly, but for those who are getting used to it it will make all the difference,'' says Fábio.

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4. Go offline

If you keep your phone on the side while you work, you will undoubtedly take short breaks just to take a peek at social media, or "air your head" as many say. But while it looks harmless, cell phones and social media can be your big enemies of the home office.

''My tip is something I usually do, all my apps have notifications turned off, they don't even vibrate. Connections? so little. I snooze or enable only specific numbers for the phone to notify.''

Even if you need messaging apps to work, you don't have to stop at each notification to read and reply. Leave that for break times at work, so you avoid distractions and stay focused.

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5. Watch a lot!

Anything that has been created by anyone, anywhere, has always been the result of observation. Velcro was created when some seeds, such as castor seeds, stuck to the clothes of its inventor, making him realize that he could bring that concept into everyday life. Chanel also revolutionized the women's wardrobe by frequently observing how men's clothing was much more functional, and thus adapted them for women's clothing.

'' In this quarantine period, our best source is the internet. A tip would be to set up several folders on Pinterest and, whenever ideas are lacking, relax. Open the website or app and spend some time saving images that inspire you. Basically, this is it! A good idea always comes from the way you put everything you've observed in the world together. ''

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6. Follow your own mood

Important tip: first of all, think about what mood your ideas flow best. The goal is to choose something that puts you in your most creative mood, and that when entering this state your research and your ideas connect more easily.

Many people are more creative when they are euphoric, others when they are more melancholy. Whatever your case, get a movie in style. If you are a more emotional creator, one that will thrill you and make you cry, or, if you are more enthusiastic, maybe a musical film or even a show?

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7. Take a chance

A very common fact when you need to work with ideas or creation is to come across an idea that scares you because it is unusual, so many people end up discarding it for fear of the judgment they are going to receive. But in the creative world, this is exactly where the worst and most brilliant ideas emerge.

'' What would Chanel be if she wanted to wear the men's wardrobe pieces, but was afraid of what people would say about a woman in pants? So this tip can be the most valuable, the more you are willing to take risks, the more you can make a difference. Often you may not be out of ideas, but afraid of them. ''

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