How to Deal With Sweet Crises

Are you in the mood for a dessert a little too often? Here are 10 healthy steps to prevent sweet crises!
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Sometimes you just simply can't resist a bit of chocolate or finish that package of sweets on your own. Maybe you even dream of a big slice of cake at night. Sometimes it can be very difficult to resist desserts, however, these sudden sweet crises often end with consuming way too much unhealthy snacks. To prevent that from happening, try following these simple steps!


1. Packaged foods contain hidden sugars, so, whenever possible, choose fresh and natural foods, as this will help regulate blood sugar.

2. Make sure you get healthy fats at every meal. This will keep you full for a longer amount of time and help reduce blood sugar. Eat a handful of nuts or an avocado, or cook your food in coconut oil!

3. Substitute sugar in your meals with spices such as cinnamon, cloves, fresh mint and cardamom.

4. Instead of ice cream, choose to eat frozen fruit, such as frozen bananas, strawberries and blackberries. Sugar in the fruit does raise your blood sugar level, but since it is fibrous, this increase will not affect you very much.

5. Add fermented foods to your kitchen to protect good bacteria in your gut, strengthen your immune system, regulate your appetite and reduce sweet cravings. You will notice that you'll feel better!

6. Find something to distract when the sweet crisis comes. A 20-minute meditation, a short walk or reading a book can make you forget your sweet crisis.

7. Eat protein to relieve hunger and regulate blood sugar. Boiled eggs, nuts or a spoonful of unsweetened almond butter will be a great option.

8. Know your triggers and have an action plan. Keep a mood or diet diary to track whenever the sweet crisis is on its way. You may notice that the sweet craving comes whenever you miss a meal and your blood sugar is low, or when you are feeling sad. Knowing why is the key to overcoming the problem.

9. Make sure to get enough sleep. When you wake up feeling tired, you are more likely to consume unnecessary sugar throughout the day.

10. Stress triggers the desire to consume sugar. Exercise, on the other hand, will reduce stress and increase your energy!

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