How will laws in Canada and the United States affect Meghan and Harry's privacy?

New life, new rules!
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Many changes have been happening in the Sussex couple's lives over the past few weeks and we can say that moving out of the UK can bring bonuses and burdens on their privacy. Did you know that each country has its laws and the media is guided by these regulations?

If the couple does move to Canada, there is a good chance that their privacy will remain intact, as it is a place where public figures can easily sue someone for defamation - and can earn good money from it.

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If the rumors are correct and they move to Los Angeles, unfortunately the law can create a real problem for them. After all, Markle's lawsuit on the Daily on Sunday is based, which published excerpts from a letter written by the American to her father.

In the United States, the First Amendment has great power over people's freedom of expression, which is immense. So it is a country where you can say anything you want and you will hardly have a sanction, especially if you are a public figure.

The media has great knowledge of copyright, which also gives them knowledge of how to circumvent them. Since the media has a right to claim on this issue.

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“Their effect is that if the defamation claimants are public figures, they have to prove that the claims they are complaining about were made with 'real malice'. The defendant must have known that the statement was false or acted with reckless disregard for the truth or not. This is a high burden of proof and, unlike in the UK, it makes it very difficult for famous people to win defamatory actions. ”Says Caroline Kean, Wiggin's head of litigation.

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