Ligne Roset: zoom on 5 iconic design pieces

The famous French furniture brand celebrated its 160th anniversary last year with an anniversary collection of pure elegance that honors the work of the hand. Between flagship pieces, daring reissues, new signatures and exceptional partnership, Mohamed Berrada, director of the brand in Morocco, delivers five favorites among this high-quality line, placed under the sign of conviviality and living together.
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Jewel of French artisanal heritage, emblem of the elegance of “French” living, the leading French publisher-manufacturer-distributor of contemporary furniture: Ligne Roset accumulates titles, nominations and prizes not without keeping its feet on the ground. 19th century, Antoine, the grandfather, turned wood. Today, Michel and Pierre, his successors, twist industry, heritage and renowned names; original machines, expert hands and unconventional design. It is indeed this melting pot of contrasts and opposites that makes it possible to achieve the “tailor-made” demanded by the most famous designers. Symptoms of the success of these “made in France” values: reissues. Those of the furniture of Pierre Paulin or Michel Ducaroy to name a few. From the 1960s, with Jean Roset at its head (Michel and Pierre's father), the brand, attentive to social changes, made the choice to work with designers who have since become cult. Being ambitious and progressive, working for the long term with creators who cultivate the same philosophy as her, this is the secret of the Roset family. Intuition? Bet? Challenge? The success has never wavered: in 2020, Ligne Roset is a partner of more than seventy designers from all walks of life, whether applicants or icons.

Last year, the brand celebrated its 160th anniversary, and once again saw the big picture in its latest collection. Classics revisited by renowned designers, novelties imagined by contemporary designers, this anniversary collection will undoubtedly mark the history of the House. Like one man, designers, artisans and suppliers have all taken up the challenges that Ligne Roset has set for them. Because the French publisher did not choose the easy way by signing, for example, the “Hémicycle” contract in partnership with Philippe Nigro and Mobilier national. Or the range of Utopia furniture by Éric Jourdan, whose production of his own doucine required the hard work of the best cabinetmakers for a year. Sebastian Herkner, for his part, imagined the very pure “Taru” sofa accompanied by his “Lewa” coffee table inspired by a basaltic island.

And if more were needed, this anniversary collection also marks the return of the iconic “Asmara” by Bernard Govin, initially published in 1966. At a time faced with the worrying rise of artificial intelligence and other sources of dehumanity. - handling of daily relationships, Ligne Roset thus puts forward objects that have the common point of arousing the conviviality of living together. With Mohamed Berrada, director of the brand in Morocco, zoom in on 5 key pieces of this collection which mixes preciousness, heritage and elegance, with natural materials offering a sensuality much needed in the current period.



“The fruit of the unprecedented collaboration between Ligne Roset and Sebastian Herkner,“ Taru ”represents in my view the perfect marriage between the know-how of the House and the creative genius of the German designer. It is a very original model with its fully upholstered base, which reminds me of the legs of an elephant. What can we say about its subtly curved backrest which reveals a rear part that can be personalized as desired (bi-material or even two-tone), o ering this sofa with two faces, as beautiful from the front as from the back! ”


“Inspired by models from the 70s, when Gaetano Pesce presented his UP50 collection, the Canadian duo Yabu & Pushelberg therefore takes up the theme and thus pays tribute to this collection inspired by the shape of a sponge, adding a feminine touch and sensuality. For me, it is synonymous with absolute relaxation, with its rounded seat and its undeniable comfort thanks to the use of hyper-flexible foams and elastic fabrics, which perfectly fit the shape of the body. ”


“Designed in 1951 by Pierre Guariche, this model perfectly sums up my definition of auxiliary lighting: aesthetic, intimate and precise. With its structure in brushed varnished brass, its metal shade which allows the flow to be directed and its adjustable height for more comfort, this luminaire is undoubtedly a must-have! ”


“Created more than 50 years ago, this all-foam, nonconformist model represents for me all the know-how and identity of the Ligne Roset brand. At the time, he introduced a new way of sitting, lying down, and sharing around a sofa. In a unstructured approach, “Asmara” favors sharing and emotion, unlike the online arrangement on a “classic” sofa. All this while respecting the perfect execution of sinuous curves, sometimes concave, sometimes convex, which follow the shape of the body in a human conception of aesthetics. ”


“This model is aptly named, since it took a year of obstinacy for its designer Éric Jourdan for the cabinetmakers of Ligne Roset to allow it to emerge. We find there all the difficulty and the technicality of the doucine, this molding formed of two arcs of a circle both convex and concave. Its curved, sensual lines, like waves or natural undulations make me think of the research work that can be found in the field of art for example. Marble or even porcelain stoneware harmoniously completes this noble structure, for a guaranteed “Wow” effect! ”


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