Meghan Markle's father claims to have lied to Prince Harry

In a documentary recorded at his home in Mexico, the Duchess' father made bombastic revelations and commented on the couple's departure from the royal family.
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Thomas Markle talked about his relationship with his daughter, the Duchess of Sussex, in a new documentary by Channel Five. In Thomas Markle: My Story, he confessed to lying to Prince Harry about his photos taken by paparazzi days before the royal wedding.

Thomas, was very harassed with financial proposals to set up bustings at that time and ended up surrendering. "I am not proud of that. The reality is that these images will be sold forever," said the Duchess's father.

At the age of 75, Thomas said he believes that Harry and Meghan's decision to step down as “senior” members of the royal family is for money and he took the opportunity to say that he has suffered a lot from the press invasion in his life and sent a message directed to the prince: "Harry, knowing what your mother has been through, you should be really concerned with what is happening to me".

His relationship with Meghan was already strained even before the wedding, at the time everyone wanted to know if Thomas would take his daughter to the altar. Meghan's father did not attend the ceremony after suffering a heart attack and said that this was the last time he spoke to his daughter on a phone call he made to say he was too sick to attend.

Even hospitalized, he said that when he attended the wedding he was thrilled to see Prince Charles taking his daughter to the altar "My daughter was beautiful. I would like to be there with her. I certainly appreciated the fact that Charles was there. I admit I cried a little about it. Until today I can't forget that moment, she was beautiful. It was a good marriage "

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