Naomi Campbell Shares About her Life as a Model of Colour

The model has never been afraid to speak her mind.
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Naomi Campbell was one of the first black models to gain worldwide recognition. Recently during an interview, Naomi talked about how she felt being the only representative of diversity, filling only a symbolic quota in a room full of white models.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Naomi said she knew "what it's like to be the quota, and it didn't feel good always being the only black model at a 70-girl show," calling the experience uncomfortable.



Despite the uncomfortable feeling, the model still agreed to do the shows, based on the fact that there would be no black models if she didn't. She also criticised the lack of diversity in the backstage and among project managers, proposing that brands should build a more diverse board of employees.

Although she wanted to name specific people or brands, Naomi said, "We'll find out as we go, we'll know who is doing [diversity] by quota and who is actually doing it."



Naomi has always been honest about her experiences with racial discrimination, inside and outside the fashion industry. In July 2019, she explained how she was removed from an exclusive Cannes hotel because of her skin colour.


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