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Young, talented, incredibly beautiful Samantha: a successful business woman with a pilot's license and a passion for equestrian sports helps ambitious women in business expand their horizons.
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Samantha, let's talk about what made you as versatile as you are. How did your passion for big business and big aviation begin?

My passion for business and aviation came from my father. When I was growing up, he would always give my brother and I financial lessons and explain to us residual income from shopping centers and residential properties he owned. He also started his own company JetLoan Capital that I worked for since I was 16, financing private jets. My family instilled in me at a young age the importance of hard work in all aspects of my life.

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You currently have several development projects in West Palm Beach. Tell us about them.

The development project in West Palm Beach is to build a multipurpose stadium. West Palm Beach has fantastic entertainment with the arts, convention centers, beautiful marinas, shopping, and many other fun things to do but they are missing a stadium. With the help of my sponsor (who also has extensive development experience and previously owned the Miami arena) we plan to donate this stadium to the city. I have presented it to the city and if its approved I will be developing the project. The inspiration for the stadium design came from Rome and Monte Carlo tennis stadiums (see attached rendering of the WPB stadium).


In parallel, you are helping the development of your father's company, JetLoan Capital, by funding and supplying personal jets. Is it difficult to be a beautiful girl in the men's business?

Being a woman in a man’s field is of course difficult. I, like most women, feel the need to overcompensate to make sure people understand I am not just beautiful but also smart and ambitious. In business I think I appear as a blonde, bubbly, young woman which many take as thinking I could be stupid and naive. I never get angry at people’s misconception of my abilities; rather I find it as a cute challenge to prove them wrong through my achievements in the industry.

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As far as we know, you not only work in a business related to aviation, but you yourself know how to fly a private jet. What prompted you to get a pilot's license and what was the most interesting and challenging for you in flight?

One of the reasons, I got my Private Pilots License was to get an edge in my business. When I tell people in the industry, I am a pilot it gives me a lot of credibility. There were definitely many times I felt scared and concerned of my ability to complete the license. My first flight was when I was 18 and I finished my license at 22, so essentially took me four years to complete. The most challenging moment for me was when I was doing my second solo cross-country flight (190 Nautical Miles and 3 airports) and the auto pilot had a malfunction that could have been fatal. Growing up afraid to fly, this license was for sure the most difficult achievement so far. But it made me realize that if I can do that, I can do almost anything.


In addition to your career, you are also actively involved in charity work. Tell us about it?

My work in charity has mainly been volunteering at animal shelters and helping organize/sponsor charity events. Growing up show jumping horses made me fall in love with being around animals 24-7. One of my goals in the future is to own a farm helping horses, dogs, and cats in need. My mother exposed me to this passion as we would volunteer together at shelters.

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Another hobby of yours is professional modeling. Tell us about your most interesting modeling project?

I always was interested in modeling and never really had the time to put into it until recently. Throughout college I did little modeling jobs and met so many amazing people who are now among my closest of friends. I always dreamed about being on magazine covers and being known. Photography, fashion, and makeup are always a huge priority for me. I ALWAYS make time for beauty appointments and outfit planning, even if that means putting off work for a later time. I believe it is crucial (especially in todays world) to “look the part.” Modeling has also given me a lot of confidence and opened my eyes to many good things and some bad that I hope to help combat in the future.


For L'officiel, you did a very special Spring photo shoot among the best locations in Miami. How was the shooting going?

The shoot for L’Officel was like a princess fairytale shoot at very ritzy spots in Miami. My team and I got a lot of inspiration from Paris Hilton looks. The big poufy dresses were the most fun part. Shooting these looks in the middle of a museum and hotel definitely drew a lot of attention from the visitors. Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved attention and find it so cute when random strangers take the time to give a compliment (even if were in the middle of shooting).

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Having an active business position, you often act as a motivational speaker for women. What topics are you most often invited to speak on and what attracts you personally in working with a female audience?

I love giving motivational speeches. From a stranger to a pep talk with myself, it gives me life. I gravitate towards women solely because I feel I have good advice to give, especially about relationships and business. I studied Communications and Spanish in college which helped further my abilities to publicly speak to a group of people confidently. I have also been through a lot of heartache with relationships and faced many challenges in business. I was lucky enough to have a woman named Melanie who worked for my father’s company who was my biggest cheerleader and gave me fantastic advice. She recently passed away unexpectedly. I want to carry on what she did for me to other women. It is so powerful when you have someone who believes in you.


All your life, in addition to work, you are also professionally engaged in equestrian sports. Would you like to open your ranch one day? What would it be like?

My passion for horses and competitive personality have sparked another goal for the future. One day when I have enough money and time, I want to compete in the Grand Prix classes at horse shows called Longines Global Championship Tour. These shows are done all over the world at the most prestigious locations (for example: in Paris under the Eiffel Tower). To be able to compete, I would need a farm and several talented horses. It is a goal that is not attainable without ample time for preparations. Currently, my riding is mainly for fun and to keep in shape.

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You are definitely the girl who will leave a mark in the Еra. Tell us about your ideas and plans. What would you like to do to make our world a better place?

Our world will never be perfect. My ultimate goal is to help leave a positive mark on the way we humans behave. There is so much conflict and hate in the world that is not needed. The main point is to just try to get people to care. Care about our environment, our animals, our people. Today so many people (including myself) get distracted with themselves and instant gratification that technology has shown us. If we all could put our phones down sometimes, not always rush, and just try to be present in the moment we could solve so much. All good things take time, focus, and most importantly appreciation. I want to help bring back these traits to our society and people’s values. It’s sexy to care.

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Model: Samantha Harris @Samantharoseharris_

Photographer: Olly Vento @Olllyvento

Stylist: Hassni Caina @Styledbyhassni

Hair/Makeup: Paul Louis @Paullouishair

PR: Masha Borovenskaya @mariborovenska

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