The Queen's favorite pastime may be more radical than you think

The queen has taken advantage of the isolation and good mood!
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For many quarantines may be the true meaning of hours in front of television marathon old series, but this is not the case with the Queen Elizabeth II. At 94 years old the queen has been quite active during the phase of social isolation, practicing her favorite exercise, which according to Vanity Fair was daily horse riding!

According to the publication, the monarch is in a “good mood” and has enjoyed this time. "One of the most pleasant things for the queen is that she is spending more time with her husband than she normally would," says a source. “They dine together at night and I imagine the queen is from the generation in which she dresses for dinner. She is riding every day and making the most of this time.”


But, even though this may seem like the perfect life, the monarch wishes to return to her routine. The palace staff commented to the publication that "It cannot be seen to be contrary to official government guidelines, but it is fair to say that it is anxious to return to normal".

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They further explain, “She is still receiving her red boxes from the government and having her weekly audience with the prime minister. There is no suggestion that she back down, she is doing her duties as head of state a lot ”.

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