Queen Elizabeth Is Looking for Someone to Take Care of Her Instagram

The position requires extreme qualifications.
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Have you thought about getting paid to deal with apps you already use every day? What if you had to manage them for Queen Elizabeth?

There is good news for social media gurus that live in or are willing to move to London, as the Palace is looking for an assistant that will help the Queen manage her social networks.

The position offers a fantastic salary, somewhere between 49,000 to 65,000 £. Of course, the person will have a tremendous responsibility, as millions of the Queen's followers will see the content posted on the Instagram account.

For this very reason, the position requires extreme preparation and attention of the candidate. The pressure is quite high, but so is the salary, right?

“It's about never standing still and finding new ways to maintain the Queen's presence in the public eye and on the world stage. This is what makes the work exceptional. Your challenge will be to lead and develop our digital communication strategy and ensure effective use of a variety of digital platforms to support these goals,” says the announcement.

As if the high salary was not enough, some more benefits may encourage you to apply: holiday breaks, 33-day annual holidays, free lunch, and training for professional development and performance.

Registration is open until December 24th, and who knows - maybe you'll start the new decade in Buckingham Palace?

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