See inside the houses of the most famous designers

Elegance, refinement and a lot of luxury!
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There is no doubt that a house can say a lot about people and with the most powerful designers in the world it would be no different. From apartments in Paris to desert islands that have become resorts, meet the houses of incredible names in fashion and beauty and fall in love!

Coco Chanel - Apartment in Paris

What to expect from a Coco Chanel apartment, right? Something extremely refined, and full of luxurious touches. However, something curious about this place draws attention: it has no rooms. Chanel spent her days working in the apartment and when night came she slept at the Ritz.

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Ferragamo - Il Borro Property in Tuscany

This 11th century castle won the heart of Ferragamo, who has transformed it together with his son into a luxurious resort, with a restaurant, spa and an incredible garden maintaining his own residence on the property.

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Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé - House in Marrakesh

A true dream! After buying the Marrakesh house that belonged to the painter Jacques Majorelle, Saint Laurent and Pierre made a real transformation. In addition to calling an American architect and a French decorator, the couple brought several elements that refer directly to Moroccan culture.

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Brunello Cucinelli - Village in Solomeo, Italy

In 1985 Cucinelli bought a powerful property with a 12th century castle. Since then, major reforms have been taking place in the region, such as the restoration of the castle - which has a building, 8 houses, a church and a village and the newest one. The area today houses the headquarters of the company.

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Tory Burch - House in Southampton, New York

Tory Burch owns no less than one of the largest homes in Southampton! The designer owns a house that portrays her polished and elegant style, with a seven-acre property. Powerful!

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Francois Nars - Resort in Motu Tane, French Polynesia

A true paradise! The makeup master called two great designers to set up his resort, Pascal Cribier and Christian Liaigre, which can be accessed only by boat. The space, moreover, is practically deserted - only 20 people can stay there.

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