See the official photos of Prince Archie's baptism

In an intimate ceremony, Prince Archie's parents rallied the English royal family to celebrate two months since the Prince was born, as tradition calls. Understand the details here and see the first official photos revealed.
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The English royal family gathered for one important reason: the baptism of Archie Harrison, Prince Harry's first child with Meghan Markle.

Held by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, the celebration was very discreet and took place in the chapel of Windsor Castle.

Few details of the event have actually been revealed so far, since, unlike Kate Middleton and Prince William who gave permission to the media to be present at the baptism of their three children, Archie's parents, on the other hand, chose not to grant access because they preferred the moment to be more intimate.

The main speculation is who the godparents are, which has not yet been confirmed and names have not been released yet.

A curious detail already confirmed is that Archie, seventh in the line of the succession of the English throne, received his first sacrament in the dress that princes and princesses have been using for three centuries. Although Meghan and Harry are not extremely tied to traditions, this time they chose to follow the one that has been perpetuating for many years.

Until 2004, the royal babies wore the original model of the dress commissioned by Queen Victoria in 1841, but Queen Elizabeth ordered a replica to be made because the authentic one had become very fragile. More than 60 real babies have worn the original dress and Archie is the second to wear the replica.

The real gown was made by Janet Sutherland in Spitalfields silk (from the East End area in London) and Honiton (Devon County, South of England) lace. The replica is exactly the same and has a signature of Angela Kelly, the official designer of the queen.

Two other curiosities about traditions that have been followed today relate to the celebration that took place within two months of the baby's life, and to the christening water that, as usual, came from the Jordan River where Jesus would have been baptized according to Catholic religion.

See below the first official photos revealed by the Palace:


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Photo: Reproduction Instagram @sussexroyal
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Photo: Reproduction Instagram @sussexroyal

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