Shopping recommendations for the immune system

Are we making the right choices for our immune system to remain strong in the last few days when food shopping is very frequent?
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While we try to prevent outside contacts to a minimum as much as possible, it is very important to keep our immune system strong by eating healthy food. Many experts advice to review and modify eating habits. Here's a list of suggestions by the Be Well team!

It is very important for your health to consume foods that will give green light to your immune system such as kale, purple forest fruits, beets, celery and citrus fruits. Turmeric, which is one of the daily eating habits of Indians, is highly recommended during the transition period of the season, and is a completely supportive alternative for your body resistance.

It is now better to choose gluten-free buckwheat, quinoa, mung beans and kidney beans, instead of white flour and refined sugar, which can lead to chronic health problems and metabolic syndromes, making them very harmful for your body health.

At the same time, high doses of vitamin pills that provide supplements do not help much for your health. Be Well team recommendation for people who live on the threshold of colder and closed air is to eat vegetables and foods containing vitamin D, such as salmon, mushrooms, eggs, tuna, cheese, etc.

Many of us switched from busy office work to a distant home one. This is a good opportunity to finally regulate the sleep time and share more attention to the needs of our bodies, as well as to balance our lifestyle.

Regular sleep and less stress help to keep the body's vital energy strong. It is very important to sleep for about 7 to 9 hours, allowing the body to regulate vital functions and restore the immune system. Some food options that should be added to your list to improve your sleep quality are sweet potatoes, walnuts, almonds and oats.

If we go back to your shopping list, you need to add foods reach in vitamins and microelements such as potassium, magnesium, zink, copper. It is possible to support your immune system effectively by adjusting stress balance and consuming plenty of antioxidant food.

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