Taylor Swift’s 7th Studio Album Is Full of Passion

Lover, Taylor Swift's seventh album, has been nominated for ten MTV Video Music Awards.
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If Taylor Swift were an emoji, it would surely be a combination of a neon pink heart and a kitten. Before the release of Lover, the superstar described her new album as intrinsically romantic: "A romantic song does not have to be a joyous one. You can find romanticism in the loneliness, sadness, or obstacles of your life ... This album only apprehends these things through a romantic look." As usual, Taylor hid secret messages for her fans in her music videos full of kittens, hearts, and butterflies.

In April, the first single from the album, titled Me!, set the tone that was sweet and very pop. The music video was an ode to pastel colours and featured a giant unicorn. Featured in the song was also Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco, who played Taylor's boyfriend in a world of kitschy cardboard.

In June, she released the song You Need to Calm Down and a video just as stylish. The video, set in an American campsite, paid tribute to the LGBTQ community and was full of celeb cameos: dancer Dexter Mayfield, youtuber Hannah Hart, actress Laverne Cox, singers Hayley Kiyoko and Ciara, actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson, the fabulous team of Netflix's show Queer Eye, Ellen DeGeneres, the star of the series Pose Billy Porter, and, of course, RuPaul. This video ended with a hug between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, finally putting an end to their feud. With the video, the singer also encouraged fans to sign the petition for the Equality Act, a law that aims to fight discrimination against the LGBTQ community. Some people have criticised her for stepping so late, compared Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Haters may say it's a marketing strategy, but still, Taylor's aim is excellent, and her support very much appreciated.

In July, Taylor Swift released The Archer, the fifth track of the album, a place that is usually reserved for honest, moving, vulnerable, songs, according to the singer. With this ballad, Taylor Swift opens her heart by sharing details about her complicated life: "Who could ever leave me Darling but who could stay? (...) All of my heroes die all alone / Help me hold on to you." As one of her fans on the internet said: "This is the Taylor Swift we had fallen in love with. Words. First. Always." The video showed only the words calligraphed on a sunset background.

For more insight, Taylor sold four luxury editions of her album containing 120 pages of her diary that she has had since she was 13 years old. Talk about a way to connect with your teenage fans! This Christmas, Taylor will play her favorite animal, cat, in the new Hollywood adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Cats.


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