The Future Has Arrived: Flying Taxis Are Already Reality

Uber unveils tech cars that will be available starting from 2023.
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Accelerated by their hectic daily life or simply seeking comfort and practicality, people tend to use different car apps. With an increasing number of users, always looking for new solutions and investing heavily in technology and studies, Uber has recently revealed that it intends to launch sky taxis.


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The company's director in Spain, Juan Galiardo, said the service would be operational by 2023, but initial testing will have started by 2020. The flying taxi will allow customers to avoid traffic on major city roads. Besides, the corporation has teamed up with NASA to jointly create a solution for managing this air traffic, which should be below 3,000 meters in height.

We are certainly looking forward to it!

The appropriate name for the new mode of transport is eVTOL. The vertical takeoff and landing aircraft will be electric hybrid and capable of flying at 320 kilometers per hour.

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