This Is How Much Harry & Meghan Will Charge For Attending Events

Some sources claim that, for 1 million dollars, Harry and Meghan can be invited to your event.

In the future, Harry and Meghan will charge 1 million US dollars to participate in events. The price was agreed on recently during the signing of a contract between the Duke of Sussex and a renowned company that manages careers of established names, such as former presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and TV presenter Oprah Winfrey.

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Some sources have found details and claim that, for 1 million dollars, is included not only the presence, but also a speech from the couple. However, the couple makes a single requirement, which is to participate only in events with causes that they respect and value. "They value social issues and dilemmas that the world is facing, such as social justice and gender equality," explained one of the sources.

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