#Veganuary, or why not try the vegan diet

The Veganuary association encourages and accompanies you to take first steps to the vegan diet.
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German association of the same name, Veganuary, encourages everyone to try the Vegan adventure. The diet, respectful of animal life, revolves around the fact of not consuming any animal product, honey and dairy products included. The association supports you in the change of diet with advice to start your food transition as well as possible. Praised for its eco-friendly aspect, the vegan diet has grown over the years. The website of the association offers many tasty recipes and addresses to adopt this new way of life. So you just have to get started.

Be careful however, the website warns and warns newcomers to the vegan world of potential deficiencies and other measures to take to safely approach this new diet:

Make sure you don't run out of vitamin B12
Vitamin very present in meat, fish or eggs, it is essential for the proper functioning of the brain. The vegan diet can lead to a depletion of the vitamin in your body, so you should be careful to take food supplements to make up for the lack.

Vitamin D, K or Omega-3 deficiencies
If you only follow the diet for 1 month, the lack of these vitamins will have no effect on your body. But, in the long run, it will be necessary to think of a way to compensate for the lack.

Beware of Vegan marketed products
Money is the sinews of war and many malevolent people take advantage of eating habits to sell you anything and everything. Be sure to check the origin of the products (vegan cheese, meat substitute ...)

Before any change of regime, even temporary, be sure to seek the advice of a doctor.

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