Watch How Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Leon Stole the Show at Art Basel Miami Beach

The Desigual runway show during the Miami Beach art fair was anything but ordinary.
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Edgy, youth-powered Spanish brand Desigual had exciting plans in store for Art Basel Miami Beach, and they did not disappoint. They cast Madonna's 23-year-old daughter Lourdes Lola Leon as their star, with 30 other models, in a Spring 2020 fashion show turned into an art orgy at The Temple House in Miami.

For the collection premiere-turned-performance, Barcelona-based artist Carlotta Guerrero (she's worked with Solange, Dior, and Givenchy) erected a massive set of faux boulders. The diverse group of models danced, crawled, and slithered up the rocks in Formentera-ready, haute-hippy Desigual looks before Leon appeared high kicking and busting Martha Graham moves, creating a sensual moment of contemporary dance.

Minutes later, clothes came off. But don't worry: everyone wore skin-toned pasties covering their nipples, so it was all Instagram-friendly for your posting needs. Lourdes passionately made out with model Kristen. Boys French-kissed boys. Girls smooched girls. Boys caressed girls. The audience, sporting required white paper jumpsuits, cheered. Soon, it was a full-on, risqué, hypersexual love fest. Hands, bodies, and tongues entangled in a sea of skin tones and body shapes. Not only was it quite the social media moment, but L'Officiel USA's editor-in-chief Peter Davis landed the cover of the New York Post with his viral video of the risqué performance, which you can see below.

Guerrero's piece is titled Love Different. Desigual's message is all about embracing multi-cultural, fluid love. The brand's manifesto: At Desigual, we love kisses. Because we love love, and we love nakedness. Because we love that which is natural, we are emotions, and we are human. Kissing tours, naked people in our stores, all kinds of couples kissing or naked. Because for us: Love Different means loving your differences. And it also means loving in a different way. 

Madonna was in Philadelphia on her 87-date Madame X tour while her daughter performed in Miami. But Madonna is a proud mother. "I'm green with envy because she's incredible at everything she does," Madonna raved of Leon. "She's an incredible dancer. She's a great actress."

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