What if Prince Harry remained active in British royalty?

Penny Junor, royalty expert and author of several biographies and books on the subject, says Harry would play a leading role.
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After Queen Elizabeth accepted Prince Harry's and Meghan Markle's decision to resign their senior positions in the monarchy, Penny Junor wondered what Harry's future would be like next to the royal family in the coming years if he had followed his planned destiny.

According to the royal expert, the prince would have a prominent role and would be a great support of his brother. "Courtiers imagined that in the future Harry would be shoulder to shoulder with William when he was king," he explained.

“He would take the parts where William is not so good. They would be complementary and side by side throughout their lives. This was a lovely setting. Harry was a secret weapon, really,” Penny added.

Despite talking about the promising future in Harry's royalty, the journalist also stated how difficult it was for Harry to live with William's margin. “It's terribly bad for your self-confidence. He was always compared to William: William was the handsome brother, the most important, the smartest. Harry was always second place. I believe it weighed heavily on him,” she said.

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