Why did Ariana Grande stopped giving interviews?

Ariana Grande talked about how problematic being labeled a "diva" can be. The singer, who opened up with Zane Lowe on her Apple Music show, said it prompted her to stop doing interviews.
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The duo talked about the playlist Ariana put together and the Whitney Houston track she included, which led them to talk about how the word diva is now misinterpreted.



"I stopped doing interviews for a very long time, because I felt that whenever I reached a position where someone tried to say something to be click hunting or distorted my words, I defended myself. And then, people reacted with 'Oh , she is a diva'", she shared. "I was like, 'It doesn't make any sense.'"

In the same interview, the singer also opened up about her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, who died in September 2018, and how important music was to him.

"I think nothing mattered more to him than music. And he was the type of person who woke up and rolled in the studio, fell out of bed, went into the next studio," she told Lowe.

"It is such a beautiful gift that I think it kind of touched the world," she continued. "And I think what he wants most is for us to just enjoy it and not forget it."



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