Why You Shouldn't Workout Before Bedtime

Late night exercises may have negative effects on the quality of your sleep.
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This time, we're not talking about whether exercise is good for you - it most definitely is; however, you should pay attention at what time during the day you do it.


Doing something is better than doing nothing, of course, but a workout session just before bedtime may do more harm than good. During a workout, the adrenaline level rises and makes you feel energetic, therefore, it may be difficult for you to fall asleep. This may vary depending on the person and their body, but energetic exercises just before going to bed can cause serious sleep problems.


If you are able to work out only in late evening hours, you should focus on gentle exercises, such as yoga. Moreover, try following these steps after the workout to fall asleep more easily:

  • make sure to eat properly in the evening;
  • take a shower in lukewarm water after the exercise to help your body sleep more comfortably;
  • if you have to exercise late at night, choose an environment as dark as possible to not strain your eyes;
  • you will relax and sleep more easily by doing yoga movements such as Pigeon Pose, Child's Pose, or Savasana.

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