ÆLIUM: New fine-dining hotspot in the heart of Lower Austria

The Roman city of "Aelium Cetium" was founded on this very spot in the old town of today's Sankt Pölten. 2,000 years later, the new fine-dining restaurant with the resounding name Ælium is a reminder of the origins of the provincial capital in the midst of pale, baroque town houses.
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After a careful renovation, the new gourmet hotspot, on the former site of the "Galerie" restaurant, shines with a tasteful interior that combines classic elegance, contemporary discreetness and lovingly selected Art Nouveau accents.

The Ælium has an indoor area with space for 50 gourmets and offers a product-based, seasonal, discovery-oriented and global cuisine that focuses on the essentials, namely the enjoyment and pleasure of exquisite culinary delights. In the warmer months of the year, this can be enjoyed on balmy summer evenings in the adjoining guest garden.

The lovingly compiled wine list of hand-picked local and international wines, with a good portion of Francophilia, also makes the hearts of discerning wine lovers beat faster. Elena Rameder is primarily responsible for the wine list. During her Master of Wine training, she got to know many insider tips and brought them to St. Pölten. 

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Photos: Markus Marouschek

ÆLIUM: In St. Pölten, you can now enjoy gourmet-worthy food on a new level 

With Elena Rameder, who in addition to the wine list is also in charge of the economic agendas, graduate sommelier and barista Christoph Essl, who takes on the role of host, and chef Christoph Vogler, who is also already well known, as head chef, three real culinary professionals have found each other who have already worked together, cooked and managed successfully in the past. 

"We want to be the address for those who understand how to combine business and food, and also for those who have reserved space in their lives for extended enjoyment," says Elena Rameder, who, like Christoph Essl and Christoph Vogler, was most recently engaged in a 3-hood establishment in the Wachau, describing her vision for the new restaurant.

The "Ælium" menu offers delicacies such as cauliflower with foie gras and hazelnut, fennel with Sicilian orange and malt, red mullet with Jerusalem artichoke, porcini mushroom and olive oil broth, rack of lamb with flower sprouts and paprika vinaigrette, gooseberry, skyr, and tarragon as a refreshment and, to finish, autumn raspberry with white chocolate and tonka bean.

Those who opt for the "Cetium" menu can look forward to scallop with kohlrabi, coriander and buttermilk, beetroot with cocoa and pistachio, Arctic char with cabbage sprouts and Madeira chutney, Duroc pork belly with celeriac, blunt, and apple, affinated cheese from all over Europe, and carrot-ginger with honey and almond for dessert.

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The Ælium team: Elena Rameder, Christoph Essl and Christoph Vogler (Photo: Imre Antal)

Restaurant ÆLIUM
Rev Gastro GmbH
Fuhrmannsgasse 1
3100 Sankt Pölten

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