Best Spa Destinations for 2020

Nothing's better than combining a good trip with a good relaxing treatment
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Already planning your travels for the year? How about combining the ride with delicious relaxation treatments? From New York to Namibia, check out the best spa destinations for 2020!

Shou Sugi Ban House - New York

Such a true holistic retreat! A serene and peaceful place for those who wish to enjoy the beauty and healing power of nature. The hotel offers spa, nutrition, fitness and meditation experiences in an environment that is based on sustainability and “discreetly luxurious” design. The spa has an extensive range of options including body treatments, facials, therapeutic and healing massages such as reiki and aromatherapy.


Sonop - Karas Region - Namibia

Located at the southern end of the Namibian desert, the luxurious hotel is like a mighty camp with tents on top of rocks. Take the days to get in touch enjoy the beauty of the view, ride a horse and take excursions that allow you to observe wildlife such as hyenas, orixes and leopards walking freely. The spa offers treatments that include ingredients such as silky dune sand, marula, mopani and myrrh oils and Namibian sea salt pearls.


Euphoria Retreat, Mystras, Greece

This luxurious retreat is a truly immersive experience that aims to bring about physical and emotional transformation. Your wellness programs focus on five elements: earth, water, fire, water, wood and metal, as well as their related energies and emotions. The venue features several programs that include detoxification, relaxation, weight loss, and internal and external radiance.


Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti, Pinzolo, Italy

Located in the Dolomites, considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the resort has a perfect connection with the region's pristine nature. During summer, the view becomes green and perfect for hikers, while in winter the ski is highlighted. The spa is famous for its combination of traditional massage techniques with the stimulation of body points and energy meridians.


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