Elaisa: the most majestic and surreal wellness is hidden in Limburg

The new spa ELAISA (an acronym of the mythical regions of Egypt, Lemuria and Atlantis, and Inner Source Activation) offers 7,500 m² of tranquility in Hollywood XXL decors. Recharge your batteries here in a spectacular setting.
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Jean-Luc Kumpen sees it big. To begin with, he founded the luxury clothing and accessories boutique Fashion Point in Maasmechelen. The City, not the Village. But it is through Maasmechelen Village that we discovered ELAISA - the result of Jean-Luc's preference for grand projects, averse to trends and conventions. Projects that saw the light of day at the right time: in a period when we had to take care of ourselves, such as in recent weeks.


From the prairie to the Louvre of the Pharaohs

The path that the spiritual entrepreneur with spirit - he has a great sense of humor - has traveled so far is a story in itself. At the age of 18 Jean-Luc worked as a shepherd in Flanders. Today he no longer leads a flock of sheep, but a fan base and investors. Later he distributed luxury brands, until he built a wellness temple with his own hands and with the help of his family. Last winter you could enter a tree-lined nature reserve for the first time through the portal, in the form of an Inca-like pyramid. In the middle of that nature reserve lies the golden grail: a holistic center on the edge of a lake. The impressive size building looks very unusual for Belgium, but wouldn't look out of place in some oriental country or in Las Vegas. We can only applaud the project: a wellness center that is a bit megalomaniac, looks very special and has a philosophical slant, that's what makes us happy. Close by, another grand, but more earthly project looms up: the shopping village. You do not need a lot of clothes here, however, especially because (bath) clothes are not allowed on most days.

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Think after quarantine

The Energetic Wellness program that the spa offers, contains many treatments that are still relatively unknown in Belgium. Crystals, sounds and energies open your chakras and purify your aura. Relax and soothe your soul in the chlorine-free pools that refer to ancient Egypt, in the gigantic panoramic sauna (the largest in Europe, with a view of the setting sun) and the meditation yurts around the artificial lake, a remnant of the old mine. During sessions with sounds and vibrations that make you float completely, you forget everything and everyone, and the original, well-groomed treatments let you enjoy endlessly. Addictive and healing.

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Spirituality for everyone

After years of looking after our outer - but no less profound - self in his beautiful boutique, Jean-Luc conceived the plan to upgrade our inner too. Because he regularly practices meditation and yoga himself, he wanted to create a place where everyone can increase his awareness, in order to make the world a better place - after first making it more beautiful. His approach is generous in size, but also in intentions. He deliberately kept access to this spa very accessible: 45 euros for a full day in the complex, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., 7 days a week. Good news for those who have become social distancing a way of life: the entrance is limited to 400 people. On such a large site, this means in practice that you will hardly meet anyone. After the oppressive feeling of the semi-lockdown, a wonderfully liberating experience.

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A selection from the impressive range


Practical: there is a restaurant on site that offers healthy and culinary dishes.
Children from 11 years old are welcome in the wellness center.


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