Enchanting Peace at Selman Marrakech

Selman Marrakech offers a unique experience to its guests.
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A Particular Place

Selman Marrakech, a palace with a unique, sublime, and endearing atmosphere, emerges as a sweet souvenir in the colors of the Orient. Designed by Jacques Garcia and built by the best craftsmen, this family property seduces with its timeless harmony and the presence of Arab thoroughbreds, from the private breeding of the owners.

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An Unusual Experience

Horses are the soul and beauty of the place. The hotel now offers its visitors a magical experience, savoring the best of Moroccan cuisine in the heart of its stables.

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In the extension of the majestic swimming pool, these noble creatures are present in the gardens of the hotel, next to the Moroccan restaurant Assyl. In the stables, the oriental palace unveils a unique and private table. It can accommodate starting from two people for a romantic dinner, and up to 70 people who are coming together to live this extraordinary experience. After submitting their preferences, guests will be invited to participate in this culinary journey around a gourmet dinner made in the purest Moroccan tradition by Chef El Hachem Oulhouss, accompanied by fine bubbles of champagne and tailor-made service.

Show in Front

There is also an equestrian show that will highlight the experience. To perpetuate its equestrian activities and become part of the national heritage, Selman Marrakesh joins forces with the School of Equestrian Arts of Marrakech and its association Free Horse, proposing such activities as dressage, work, jumping, and equestrian shows in the gardens of the hotel.

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Experience enchanting moments in the greatest intimacy at Selman Marrakech!

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BP 24530 Marrakech Atlas KM 5, Route of Amizmiz- Marrakech

Such. 0524 45 96 00



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