In a room with with Vivienne Westvood. Baltazzar hotel

Belonging to the same Zsidai family as Pest Buda, Baltazaar (further up the hill) was our next and last stop in Budapest. With suitcases and Armands’ aching back, we slowly approached the hotel, still soaking up the beauty of the old city around us.
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The first thing I noticed when entering the small lobby and part of the bar was the beautiful shelf/wall filled from bottom to top with Billecart and Salmon champagne bottles. That made me “champagne” thirsty as we waited for the concierge, but we had other plans for wine during this trip (Hungarian). We rode up to the 2nd floor and entered the room: “Individually themed rooms, wall colors, wallpapers, and artwork is featuring designs and inspirations by Vivienne Westwood, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Furnished with original vintage furniture and iconic pieces.”

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A lady with a pearl earring watched us from the wall behind the bed no matter where we moved, and we did move about because I just needed to feel every corner of the room. Dark, minimal, yet with a marriage of the antique and modern. It was so different from the previous hotel, yet you could feel the touch of the same family. I sat down in the creamy white chair with freshly made coffee (again) and looked around. You could see that every detail was well thought out, starting from the minute you entered the door. I opened the window to listen to people chatting downstairs at the restaurant while sipping wine and coffee or trying to decide which grilled meat to order.

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Every time I passed by the wall of that champagne (it was next to the elevator), I told myself that I would have a bottle the next time we come to Budapest. In the morning, still in bed, you could hear people having breakfast somewhere downstairs. I stepped out of bed, had a glass of water while the coffee machine was making my coffee, opened the window to let the sounds of Budapest and the sun come in, and sat there for 10 minutes. That was our last day in Budapest, and before we left I wanted to run down the hill to the bakery to get some beautiful local bread to take to Latvia. So, I just needed those 10 minutes of silence from people talking and the few cars passing by that early Saturday morning. When I came back from my shopping, it was time to leave; I envied those who were sitting on the terrace and eating their Frenchie breakfast. But that is a fabulous reason to return, and I will do that.


Text & photo by Signe Meirāne

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