See Cappadocia From Above

Move between the horizon and travel to the beautiful Turkish region of Cappadocia.
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The vast landscape, located in Central Turkey, is fairy-like, rugged and reckless, but also refined. Rocks in the most extraordinary forms seem to have been carefully placed in the landscape by an avid sculptor. Years of erosion have caused this extraordinary panorama of natural tuff and limestone phenomena, with the Göreme Valley plateau as a spectacular example. Cappadocia is full of enigmatic natural wonders, and the area has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Also don't forget to visit the karst caves, where churches and houses are built. Yes, the mysterious underground life is just as exciting there. The buildings date from the fourth century and were the first step to the formation of complete cave villages and underground cities. There are many legends about fairy-tale characters living in the cones. The inexplicability of the landscape feeds the mind.

Although touring through Cappadocia can be easily done by car or on foot, you can also admire this immense landscape from the air. The light, the landscape, the view: a balloon trip in itself is quite an experience, but in Cappadocia, it goes beyond your best dreams. Breathtaking!

Göreme National Park (UNESCO World Heritage), Cappadocia, Turkey.

Photography Credits:

Ian Stevenson 



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