The place with experience. Brody House

We arrived late at night with no receptionist – just the Weiler studio room door open waiting for us. Half-asleep and tired, we stumbled into the small, two-floor apartment and headed straight for bed. I noticed the artwork, the shower I took, and the glass water bottles there. The bed was soft and comfy, so I fell asleep in a minute.
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Waking up was different. With some light trying to squeeze into the dark room, I looked around, and I felt the story of Brody that I was reading before about the art and bohemian vibe accompanied by all the comforts. Two men were kissing in the painting in the kitchen, one more couple was in the bedroom, the lamp looked like from a grandmother’s house, and the stairs leading to the second floor allowed us to take a look at the apartment from above. I opened the beautiful yellow doors, sat on the stairs, and inhaled Budapest. The yard was empty – some birds were singing and some people were talking in their rooms. That was it. I knew I had made the right choice to experience Brody House.

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We walked up to the third floor for breakfast, sat down, and were eating when a barefoot, English-speaking gentleman came to join his friends at the table next to us. I ate my homemade granola with fruit compote and yogurt and looked at Armands; we smiled. It was so unique, so organic, and so Brody House-like.


We moved to another room, and the first thing I thought to myself – and suddenly Armands said aloud - we're not leaving this place until we've taken pictures. Some naked, some not (just joking), but we did. There was artwork everywhere, the bathroom was covered with images and articles from magazines and newspapers, the mattress lay on wooden palettes, and antique furniture was all around. Every detail was thought of – the paper pad, the pencil, matches, water, glasses, and all. No TV, thank God, just an incredible interior. It was, again, one of those places that was so beautiful that you did not want to leave.

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I went to the public area, made my tea with lemon, took out my computer, and did some Budapest planning. People around me did the same – some worked, some took pictures, some ate, but all were surrounded by the beauty of Brody House.

When I was looking for a place to stay in Budapest – not just any accommodation but the most interesting, beautiful and extraordinary – I found Brody House by accident. To say that it was love at first sight would be a lie, but I booked a room. With four venues, Brody Land is a different world, mixing antiques, the artistic, and the modern in a very organic way. At one point, you cannot understand whether this is for real or just your imagination.

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Hidden from the central streets, but still close to everything, it is a fantastic gem from entering to leaving. It is no ordinary hotel, obviously, but who needs standard when you have Brody House. And while staying there, do check out their other venues and events as a lot happens there all the time.

Text & photo by Signe Meirāne

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