Top 5 Places in Jordan to Visit

Here are some tips and suggestions for a perfect trip to Jordan!
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Jordan is one of the flagship destinations of 2020, as it has become viral among influencers, whose photos of thousand and one nights appear on many Instagram feeds. The destination may even get trendier during the New Year's holiday period since that's when the climate is very mild in Jordan.


Petra is one of the oldest cities in the world, dating from the end of the 8th century to the beginning of the 6th century with the first Edomite settlements.


El Khasneh al Faroun (The Treasury)

After two hours of walking, we reach it by the narrow gorge of Siq. This is the first site that welcomes you to the beginning of the city. The merged building in the rock has a perfectly preserved facade, an example of the high level of civilization.

The Monastery

This is the largest building you will find in Petra. The trip is quite long but definitely worth it.


Almost intact, this place gives an idea of the size and number of people who once lived in the city.

Petra by Night

At night, the city is illuminated by hundreds of candles, a breathtaking show with Arab background music.

What you need to know: the site can be visited on horseback, by camel or on foot. Motor vehicles are not allowed.

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Strada dei Re (Itinerary from Amman to Petra)

On the spectacular road connecting the cities of Amman and Petra, you can visit unique places related to religion or nature.


Mount Nebo: the place where Moses contemplated the promised land.

Wadi Mujib: the road continues towards Wadi Mujib, the canyon carved by a river, a set of sights where the look extends over the huge rocky expanses.

Rarak: here you can see the fief of the Crusaders of Rarak, scene of clashes between Saladin and the Crusaders.

Piccola Petra: smaller but just as well deserved.

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Wadi Rum

It is the lunar desert of Jordan, and you can spend a night here in a luxury tent. It is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The Dead Sea

Who has never seen images of friends or tourists floating in the waters of the Dead Sea? Here, the waters are four times as salty as usual, so it is possible to float freely and get a homemade mud bath.

Quseir Amra

This is another UNESCO World Heritage Site in the middle of the desert, where you will find a stone castle that retains incredible mosaics that are worth the detour.

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